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Powder coating is a strong, durable, and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional liquid paints. The coating is applied as a fine powder and baked until it liquifies and cures into a solid layer. Anything metal can be powder coated. The application relies on the conductivity of metal to attract positively charged powder particles to the grounded part.

Powders are available in a wide variety of colours - with hundreds of colours, various finish options, and an assortment of metallics, metal flake, illusion colours, and candy top coats, your options are limitless.

At Breaking Away, our prices are very affordable and we'll get your bike back to you within a few days. Not only will you save time and money, but you will sleep soundly knowing your bike is safe in the hands of someone who loves bikes as much as you.

At Breaking Away, we are passionate about cycling. Our love for bicycles is evident in the care we take when handling your bike, and in the outstanding quality of the results - we will treat your bike with the same attention to detail that we do our own.

Most powder coating companies are large scale operations coating a variety of metal products, from vehicle parts or fences to lawn furniture and car rims. Breaking Away's powder coating facilities were designed specifically to powder coat bicycle frames and parts. We understand the structure and mechanics of bicycle frames and components, and we have fine tuned the entire powder coating process to be gentle enough for even the thinest tubing or most delicate parts.

The process:

  • The process begins with a detailed assessment of the part - the condition of any original paint, the presence of rust, the type of metal and any signs of denting or need for repairs.
  • The part is then carefully and thoroughly cleaned. All dirt and oil is removed with a gentle degreaser, and any old paint is gently stripped with a soft media blast. We use only fine grit media specifically selected to remove paint but not damage the metal - sand is NEVER used.
  • The part is then heated enough to release any air or oil trapped in the pores of the metal. After a final degreasing and blow dry, parts which are not to be coated are plugged or taped off and the part is hung in the powder coating booth and grounded.
  • A specialized high voltage powder coating gun positively charges the powder as it is blown around the part. The difference in charge draws the powder onto the part in an evenly distributed layer.
  • The part is then carefully placed in the custom made powder coating oven, and heated until the powder liquifies and cures.
  • If requested, we'll finish the process with a clear or candy coat for extra gloss and reflectiveness.

The end result is a flawless finish in the color of your choice, with a strength and durability far beyond that possible with conventional liquid paints.


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